Swimming is one of the most popular and refreshing exercises. However, a lot of people complain that while swimming makes them feel fresh and healthy, they are unable to see any tangible health benefits like weight loss, muscle tone or increase in stamina. The reason is, that swimming is a unique exercise form, and needs to be done properly to extract maximum benefits. Today, let us discuss how you can benefit from swimming.


Swimming, if done properly, is a great toning exercise, and also a great supplement to other exercise forms. If you swim four times a week, you’ll get a more toned, agile body with greater heart rate and stamina. However, if you combine it with aerobics or cardio, it will help you burn more fat, and if you combine it with heavy weight lifting, it will get you better muscle tone.

Moreover, swimming improves your looks. It makes you look fitter, gives you better skin, and helps you look young.

Style and Technique

There are a few things beginners  should take care of while swimming  to gain maximum benefit –

– Do not take more than 1 minute breaks. It is okay if you get tired and need lots of breaks,  just try not to take long breaks.

– Try to engage your lower body as much as possible. Your leg movements should be proper, and your abs and core should be engaged. Try swimming the first 10-15 minutes using just your lower body. Engage your arms after that but keep your lower body active.

– Pay attention to technique. Don’t waste your exercise time swimming the wrong way. People who splatter too much end up getting tired without burning much calories. A proper swim is smooth, silent and efficient. Watch the video below, and other videos on Youtube and get your technique right.

(Image via http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Front_Crawl_4704.JPG)