There are some health conditions – which can be attributed purely to lack of fibre in your diet. Gas, bloating, constant hunger, constipation, flabby deposits of fat, oily skin – all can be avoided if you have enough fiber.

While fibre has no direct connection with weight loss, it does help keep your stomach full for long periods of time, which would help you avoid overeating. In fact, I have a personal theory – anytime you  feel like eating any kind of junk, first eat a fibrous item. This will suppress the instant craving, and limit the amount of junk you eat. Moreover, it also helps you look younger and fitter.

For those who keep getting pimples or have oily skin – have more water, and have more fibre !

Benefits of Fibre –

– It keeps you full for longer periods of time, thus helps you avoid overeating.

– Most fibrous foods are low on calories.

– Fibre helps you regulate your digestive system.

– Keeps your skin young and fresh.

Lowers the risk of heart attack and diabetes.

Foods that contain fibre –




-Brown bread