A major reason for not being able to maintain fitness is carelessness. We get busy with something, don’t think about our fitness for a week, and BOOM – before we know it we gain 3 Kgs.

There’s a simple solution to this problem – get a weighing scale !


Around 3 years ago, I bought a weighing scale. It was an impulse buy – I got it cheap, and I decided it won’t hurt. It ended up being a very helpful accessory to my weight loss program (I ended up losing 15 Kgs in 6 months).

 The key is to weigh yourself very frequently – more than thrice a day, and to not bother about minor weight changes (you tend to gain weight as the day progresses). You should only be bothered if you see any major weight gains. Don’t be scared of weighing yourself and again – do not stress yourself about daily ups and downs. The weighing scale is just a rough indicator of your fitness, and it’s purpose is to help you avoid sudden weight gains.

Here’s a summary of how to effectively use a weighing machine –

– Keep it at a place from where it is easily accessible. The best place generally is the Kitchen  – next to the fridge or wherever you have space. You can also keep it in your most used bathroom or in the sitting room. Don’t go for the bedroom – you want to relax and not think about the weight loss drama when you’re sleeping !

– Weigh yourself as frequently as possible. It will help you maintain a track of what is happening to your body. But don’t bother about the small changes in weight that happen whenever you eat food, drink water or take a dump.

– Encourage all your family members to weigh themselves regularly, and keep your friends and family updated about your weight. Having fitness buddies is always good.

– Don’t judge your fitness levels by how much you weigh. This is just a tool to help you avoid alarming increases in weight.