Today’s post deals with Aerobics classes.

Have a hard time getting yourself motivated for your daily jog or gym workout ? Good news for you – Cardio is no longer boring !

How to choose the correct class ? 

The most important thing while choosing an Aerobics class is not the instructor’s certificates, or the perfect technique, or the number of  exercises you do. There are just two things you should look for:  First  – the class should be fun, and Second – after the class you should feel that you’ve really had a solid workout.

What are the different forms of aerobics ?

Most instructors generally teach one or more of the following –

-Step Aerobics

-Dance Aerobics

-Circuit Training

-Stretching and Yoga Asanas

What are the benefits of Aerobics classes ?

Aerobics exercises are very good for stamina, agility and heart. If you start aerobics young, your bones will get stronger and hold on for longer once you’re old. Whereas cycling and swimming are more beneficial if you purely concentrate on the number of calories you need to burn, they’re good for you if you find these boring. They’re also are a lot of fun because instructors generally build on choreographed sequences, because of which they end up feeling more like dance classes and less like monotonous cardio.

Are Aerobics classes for guys too ?

Health wise, aerobics classes are excellent for guys and most elite athletes follow a daily routine which includes stepping exercises. If you want to maintain a buff physique, I suggest you keep doing arm and shoulder toning exercises along with aerobics (swimming or push-ups will also do) .  As for those guys who feel shy – here’s the best tip I can give you – attend three full classes before you quit, even if you think you’re making a fool of yourself the whole time.  Feel good that you’re working out with tons of hot girls !

Can I combine aerobics with anything else ?

For girls – you can combine it with stretching, cycling, swimming or traditional yoga.

For girls – you can combine it with swimming, cycling or upper body workout.