Junk Snacks

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Today’s tip is about how replace bad snacks by good snacks and decrease your calorie intake by leaps and bounds.

What exactly is a bad snack ? Any food item that mainly contains carbs, or any food item that is deep fried in oil.

PS: Deep frying something in butter is fine, but I’ll talk about that in another post!

Without wasting any more time, let me make a list of items to avoid and alternate snack options –

Avoid: Sweets, Biscuits, Lays (and other potato chips), Haldiram snacks, samosas etc,  soft drinks, packed fruit juice, burgers, french fries.


Alternate snack options:

Bread Pizza –

Chop mushrooms, capsicum, tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, and anything else that you want. Shallow fry these in butter (not oil please). Dump loads and loads of these fried veggies on a piece of bread, add cheese and grill ūüôā You can refer to a detailed recipe¬†here, but please make sure you use twice as many veggies per toast.

Nuts –

Salad –

The perfect snack – hardly any calories, tons of roughage !

Paneer Tikka –

You can use the recipe given on this link, but ensure that the dish is shallow fried and NOT DEEP FRIED.

Chicken Sausages –

Eggs –



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Usually, we judge the weight loss a form of exercise will cause by looking at the number of calories burned during the activity.

Today I’m going to tell you a secret – there is one form of exercise which revs up your metabolic rate so much that you continue to lose weight even when you’ve stopped exercising. It’s cycling !

You roughly burn 500 KCals on cycling 15 Kms. This means, that if you want to lose half kilogram of weight in 2 weeks, you¬†theoretically¬†need to go on eight 15 Km trips over those 14 days. However, the good thing about cycling is that you continue to lose weight even when you’ve stopped cycling. Therefore, to lose half a kilogram, you just need to go on four such trips.

Here’s a summary of the tip :

What you need to do : Go on 4 cycling trips in 2 weeks, and cover roughly 15 Kms of distance in each trip.

What you need to take care about : Keep enough water with you. Have fruits, salted lemonade and a decent meal after the trip.

What you should avoid : Eating too many sweets after the trip. There’s nothing which kills the effects of cycling like sugar.

PS: As will all other tips on this blog, this one is not dependent on any other tip and can be followed independently.


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Want to lose massive amounts of weight without changing your lifestyle too much ? Lessen your carbohydrate intake after 7 PM.

In terms of Indian food, do not have more than two rotis or an equivalent amount of rice/bread after 7 PM. Eat more before that so that you do not feel too hungry. Also, avoid fattening fast food items like burgers, pizzas and potato chips after 7 PM. Still feel like eating them ? Do it before 7 !

Some ways to make this a successful habit –

1) Eat twice the amount of daal, veggies, curd blah blah to compensate for the lack of carbs.

2) Eat loads of salad items and fruits if you want.

3) Eat something in the evening.

4) If you feel like snacking, either eat eggs or chicken, or nuts, or grill a toasted piece of brown bread laden with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, corn, bell peppers.

Summary :

After 7 PM, you are free to eat –

Veggies, Daals, Fruits, Chicken, Eggs, Nuts, Yogurt

You must avoid –

Fast food, soft drinks, more than two rotis (or equivalent amount of rice), sweets.